Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heat Wave!!!

It may only be 76 degrees outside but there's a heat wave in the house.

One of my female dogs (I just can't throw around the "B" word) is in heat and my boys are out of their minds. In the picture above you can see the top of Max's head. He was jumping up and down outside the window, trying to see inside. That same day, Buddy jumped through an open window and pushed out the screen! From that moment on the dogs have been taking one hour turns in the crate. See the little timer on the side of the crate?
When Hallie is in the crate the boys sit next to it and just pine away! When it's time for the boys to do their time she goes on her merry way. Max already knows that Hallie is his mate. He's only 6 months old, but he will not let Buddy get near her. He'll bark and growl and nip at Buddy if he gets too close to the crate. In these pictures, Hallie is inside and Max is outside of the crate, trying to get inside.

This is Hallie's first heat cycle and being the responsible breeders that we are, we will wait until she is older and has all of her health testing done. We want to make sure that she is sound and healthy before any breeding occurs. We are doing this with our other dogs too.

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