Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, so much has happened in the nearly six months since I last posted. I have so much to tell you and I will give the quick version.

In January we had puppies, two boys and two girls... and all were sold by the beginning of April. This was great news, it's paying for our summer travels! We will be going to Seattle for a wedding, Cape Cod for our 20th anniversary, and Colorado for a Robertson Family Reunion. (yes, they are expensive dogs.)

I began jogging in the mornings and I was loving it. Then my work hours were changed and I was too lazy to get up that early to jog. At work we were told that 5 teachers and 8 aids would be cut from next years line up, I am one of them! That's okay actually, I've really missed my free time and the creative juices are ready to burst! I'm eagerly awaiting unemployment. It has caused me to make some decisions, I am going back to school to finish my degree to become a speech pathologist.

The kids continue to get older (but not me) and more fun! Jacob got his drivers license in January, now I send him to the grocery store! Taryn continues to dance and Christy excels in school. Christy also graduates from the 8th grade this week. We took a few pictures of her with

Maury parents bought us this awsome ceramic grilling, smoking barbeque. We are totally
enjoying it! So far this week he's used it every day, cooking chicken, fish, steaks, veggies, quiche and cobbler. So yummy!

I turn 43 next month, so being the
rebellious child that I am, I had my nose pierced! Will I ever grow up?

My sewing
and crafting will begin soon! I've had a few friends comment about how they wish they knew how to sew, SO, I am cleaning my studio and working to make it a more friendly "classroom" setting so that I can have those people over and teach them the fun and beauty of sewing!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When life gives you lemons?

Sometimes life give you lemons.  We all know this.  And we all say the same thing...  Make lemon-aid!

Recently I brought these lemons home from my mom's house.  She said, "Here, take this one too, maybe you can blog about it."  Right away I began using the "normal" lemons.  They became soothing tea for a sore throat, lemon bars and lemon meringue pie.  

But the "odd" one sat on the counter.  I'd show it to anyone who would look at it, I even made a big deal over it.  But I never thought about using it.  Although it was interesting and wonderfully different, I figured it would not be useful.  I gloried in its strange deformity.  Then one day as I looked at it, I could see that it was getting funky, maybe a little furry too.  I would soon have to throw it away.  Yet I was afraid to cut it open and see just what was inside.  It just seemed 'wrong' to cut it open and then throw it away.  I actually stood there looking at this lemon, trying to decide if I should cut into it.  I had to make myself cut it.  

Open to the light of day it was still odd.   Formed in strange sections,  it made no sense to me how it became what it was.  I have taken horticulture classes,  I'm good at puzzles, but I couldn't see why it grew that way.  It was useless, or so I thought.  I tasted it.  It was sour.  Just like a lemon should be.  Although it seemed like something that should just be thrown out, I had to make the existence of that lemon worth the water, sunlight and carbon dioxide it had consumed in it's short life.

I made one more cup of honey and lemon tea.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where is My Little Girl?

On December 16th Christy became 14 years old?
I, for one would like to know just how that happened?
Where did the time go?

We took her to Red Robin, the local "big burger" place and everyone ate until we could eat no more.  We all got big and fat!  On the way home we stopped to buy a cake to finish up the celebration.  But rather than buy a big ol' cake, Christy decided that she wanted cream puffs.

Of course, I had no little candles to stick in the puffs, so I improvised, just like Martha Stewart would have.

Is she not the cutest 14 year old ever?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Okay, I know you all think I'm on the odd side because of my love of aprons.  After all, now that I'm working I have no time to be domestic.  I guess it keeps me from feeling too guilty about the lack of housekeeping and well prepared meals.
I received this beauty from a swap I participated in.  I made one (didn't take pictures, no batteries for the camera) for a fun lady in Florida and I received this from a very talented lady in Washington.  She also sent me a necklace (which I'm wearing in the picture), two pair of earrings, a rhinestone pin (I'm wearing that too), two types of candy, soap, a cool glass heart.... there's probably more, but the pictures I took got deleted and I'd have to get up from this seat to go find the other goodies.  My fault!  I'm still learning how to use this fun new computer.  Oh, and if all that wasn't enough, she sent the items in really cool fabric bags that matched the apron.  It was like Christmas a month early.  
We have a Christmas party to attend this weekend and I hope to have the guts to wear the outfit I have on in the picture above.  I let you know how it all turns out!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sugared Walnuts

While at my mom's for Thanksgiving we made a quick batch of sugared walnuts.  Oh they are so tasty and way too easy!  I have so many nuts this year I think this will be the gift of the season from the Robertson's.
Here is my designated "taste-tester" Taryn.  She loves to help out in the kitchen.
Here is the recipe I used.. 

Sugared  Walnuts

                                                                              1 cup sugar

                                                                               3 Tbs water

                                                                             1 tsp cinnamon

                                                                Two or three big handfuls of walnuts

Boil to softball stage.  Take off stove and stir in walnuts till dry and powdered.  Let cool on wax paper.

Recipe by Aunt Ree Lopus Milne 

So Yummy and easy, please try it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My New MacBook and His Tricks

I'd been having some trouble with my HP notebook and Maury took it to "Best Buy" to see what it would cost to have it repaired.  The cost turned out to be more than it was worth!  Of course!  That's how we've ended up in this throw away society, repairing an item costs too much.  Anyhow that's another topic and lest I stray, back to the original topic.  

So he comes home with a new Mac for me. 
Me: What, a Mac?  I don't know how to use a Mac! 
Maury: But you will, it's easy, and you can learn from me
Me: But....
Maury:  You'll love it, they are so intuitive, it practically teaches you by itself.
Me:  Umm, okay.  Is this my Christmas present?
Maury: You could say that.  Look why don't you think about it.  We can always take it back if you don't open it.

So I let it sit on the table for about an hour and a half while I tried to get my HP to turn on and working.  Then I calmly talked it over with Maury again and decided that I'd go with the  Mac. But I figure at least I didn't give in right away.  I actually thought about it and weighed the options.  

The next night Christy and I decided to see just what tools, aka toys, it had.  The first thing we figured out how to use was the camera.  SEE....

The Sketch Effect

Strange things...

Body Heat

I don't even know what to call this one, how about "Shrek Effect"


"Elf yourself"

The bottom line.  This computer is super cool and does amazing things!  I'm still working on getting things transfered from the old computer on to this one.  Christy and Maury are helping me with that.