Sunday, July 20, 2008

Near Sighted Veggies?

This may look like a yellow squash wearing glasses. But it's much more than that!
These are Jacob's new glasses. He broke his old ones, again. Recently I'd heard about Zenni Optical
on a radio program and how great and affordable the glasses are. So I decided to go ahead and give them a try. Well I have to tell you, I am not disappointed! Jacob bought these glasses...These are titanium frames and they fit him very well. Would you like to know what I paid for these? $300? $250? Nope.
How about $48! Yes, $48 for the lenses and frames! Plus some fun little clip on sun shades.
I am not kidding about this place! Metal frame and lenses starting at $8!
It took two weeks to get them, so if your not in a big hurry it's no big deal. At these prices you could have several pairs!

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