Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My New MacBook and His Tricks

I'd been having some trouble with my HP notebook and Maury took it to "Best Buy" to see what it would cost to have it repaired.  The cost turned out to be more than it was worth!  Of course!  That's how we've ended up in this throw away society, repairing an item costs too much.  Anyhow that's another topic and lest I stray, back to the original topic.  

So he comes home with a new Mac for me. 
Me: What, a Mac?  I don't know how to use a Mac! 
Maury: But you will, it's easy, and you can learn from me
Me: But....
Maury:  You'll love it, they are so intuitive, it practically teaches you by itself.
Me:  Umm, okay.  Is this my Christmas present?
Maury: You could say that.  Look why don't you think about it.  We can always take it back if you don't open it.

So I let it sit on the table for about an hour and a half while I tried to get my HP to turn on and working.  Then I calmly talked it over with Maury again and decided that I'd go with the  Mac. But I figure at least I didn't give in right away.  I actually thought about it and weighed the options.  

The next night Christy and I decided to see just what tools, aka toys, it had.  The first thing we figured out how to use was the camera.  SEE....

The Sketch Effect

Strange things...

Body Heat

I don't even know what to call this one, how about "Shrek Effect"


"Elf yourself"

The bottom line.  This computer is super cool and does amazing things!  I'm still working on getting things transfered from the old computer on to this one.  Christy and Maury are helping me with that.

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