Monday, December 1, 2008

Sugared Walnuts

While at my mom's for Thanksgiving we made a quick batch of sugared walnuts.  Oh they are so tasty and way too easy!  I have so many nuts this year I think this will be the gift of the season from the Robertson's.
Here is my designated "taste-tester" Taryn.  She loves to help out in the kitchen.
Here is the recipe I used.. 

Sugared  Walnuts

                                                                              1 cup sugar

                                                                               3 Tbs water

                                                                             1 tsp cinnamon

                                                                Two or three big handfuls of walnuts

Boil to softball stage.  Take off stove and stir in walnuts till dry and powdered.  Let cool on wax paper.

Recipe by Aunt Ree Lopus Milne 

So Yummy and easy, please try it.

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