Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Okay, I know you all think I'm on the odd side because of my love of aprons.  After all, now that I'm working I have no time to be domestic.  I guess it keeps me from feeling too guilty about the lack of housekeeping and well prepared meals.
I received this beauty from a swap I participated in.  I made one (didn't take pictures, no batteries for the camera) for a fun lady in Florida and I received this from a very talented lady in Washington.  She also sent me a necklace (which I'm wearing in the picture), two pair of earrings, a rhinestone pin (I'm wearing that too), two types of candy, soap, a cool glass heart.... there's probably more, but the pictures I took got deleted and I'd have to get up from this seat to go find the other goodies.  My fault!  I'm still learning how to use this fun new computer.  Oh, and if all that wasn't enough, she sent the items in really cool fabric bags that matched the apron.  It was like Christmas a month early.  
We have a Christmas party to attend this weekend and I hope to have the guts to wear the outfit I have on in the picture above.  I let you know how it all turns out!


NadineC said...

Oh my - that is such a lovely picture! Thank you for putting it on your blog! I wanted to make this a special apron exchange for you. You look pretty happy wearing it, LOL! Hope we can be friends from now on. Nadine

Jamie said...

You could totally get away with wearing that outfit! You look so cute.

Shawnee said...

That apron looks TERRIFIC on you! So glad you participated in my swap.