Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Heard The Postman Honk...

I live out in the country. When the postman has a package too big for the box he comes zipping down our lane, honking and dirt a' flyin'!
Well, yesterday, I was sewing away in my studio when I heard the joyful sound of the mail trucks' horn.
"Is that for me? Is it the apron from my swap buddy? Oh, I hope so, I really do..."
I went out to greet him and it was a box for ME!!!
"This is it! It has to be. Where are the scissors?"
I ran back into my studio and opened up the box and there it was...My new apron for the 4th of July.
Of course there is no way I'm going to wait until the 4th of July to wear it. I will wear it with pride tonight.
If you are wondering about how I got into an apron swap, I'm glad you asked! I found this web site, I don't even remember how.
I just really like aprons right now. They make me happy.
Lately, with the price of gas going so high and food prices too, I've found it challenging to try to save money and be green at the same time. It's sort of a sick little game I've been playing with myself. I read blogs and more blogs about how people are saving money and making their own shampoo and laundry soap and sewing clothes and repurposing things. I love it! I've been hanging out my laundry on a clothesline for years. My mom always did it so it was the normal thing to do.
So where does the apron come into play? Well, to me they are a picture of a life that is useful and not lazy. It says, "I am using my time wisely and running my household efficiently" Don't get me wrong, my house is not super duper clean or anything. I do have 1 husband, 3 kids, 4 small dogs and myself living in this house and I'd rather sew than clean any day. That is why I like the apron, because of the image it puts forward. Then I CAN sew all day, and I look incredibly busy and hard working. Now you all know my little secret, but you are welcome to use it to, I won't tell anyone. Promise.

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