Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life's sweet little moments

7th grade girls watching the 8th grade graduation. Excited to go to the dance afterward. They really do grow up fast! Is that eye shadow I see on Christy and Lacey? Yep. Wow, I can remember what it was like being in the 7th grade at Hill Jr. High School. The drama, the crushes, the cat fights! What fun it was! Looking back there was so much I learned, and so much trouble I could have been in, but somehow The Lord was merciful to me and kept me safe. I pray that these girls will be kept safe too.
They are so young and yet old at the same time. The things they have available to them makes them so much more advanced in some ways, but not in others. They aren't very good at entertaining themselves without a computer or cell phone. They are still innocent and easily swayed by the world and what it has to offer. But then they have so much more to deal with than I did at that age. Sure I was thinking about nuclear wars, but now our kids have to add terrorism, global warming, high gas prices, lots of different kinds of drugs, the list goes on and on. Yet they still smile and laugh and enjoy the lives they know.
Will it just keep getting more complicated? When they are parents will they be wondering the same things I am wondering, only the list gets longer and more depressing? It is a wonderful and thought provoking time.

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